Company Profile

Founded in Changhua County, Taiwan in 1979, Kwang Terng Metal Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of high quality valves, including butterfly valves, gate valves, foot valves, check valves and Y-strainers. With over 30 years of experience, topped with state-of-the-art production & testing equipments and manufacturing process, we design and manufacture a wide range of valve products for numerous applications for a diverse spectrum of industries. Our R&D team is working constantly to broaden the range of products, improve and enhance existing product lines and develop new product lines.


For quality assurance, not only do we strengthen management from the start, we also incorporate the highest standards of quality controls in compliance with Taiwan’s machinery regulations and international standards, such as United States API, ANSI, British BS, German standard DIN, French NF, Japanese JIS, JPI standards and Chinese GB. Moreover, we are ISO9001 quality approved and certified as such. We also have products that are protected by registered patents.


The company primarily manufactures butterfly valves, gate valves, foot valves, check valves, and Y-strainers. These products are used in water and industrial applications, such as fire-fighting systems, water supply and drainage, ventilation, air-conditioning system, petroleum, chemical industry, steam system, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and ship-building industry. With over 30 years of enviable reputation, not only are we recognized in the local market, we are also devoted in the promotion and distribution of our valve products to the international market. Our products are exported to many countries, such as United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and Middle East and so on.

Kwang Terng Metal Commitment

We are committed to respond to the needs of a changing market. We have always been devoted to manufacturing product of the highest possible quality, with reliability at competitive prices. We value our customers and strive for continuous improvement, innovation and advanced technological development.